1. Toward Forming
  2. Ékrits
  3. Branding, Content, Interactive, Strategy
  4. 2018
Toward Forming, 2018.

“Toward Forming” is an anthology of early works by Sekai Kozuma, who has several aspects including an artist, a writer and a curator. Kamimura & Co. designed a book with the stimulating color palette, typography and materials so that it reflected the author’s philosophy completely on the visual of the book. This book has a very noticeable cover and edge, but the page inside has a quiet and calm appearance. It looks as light as a paperback book but it is heavy as a hardcover book. The sequence of stimulants and soothing invite readers to a confusing reading experience.

In addition to this book, we designed a website and motion graphics for its promotion, and graphics for related events based on the same concept. Our aim was to design experience of reading in this project: not only the book itself but also the environment surrounding the book.

Toward Forming information

  • Toward Forming

    ISBN 978-4909501011
    Japanese, 320 pages, 210 × 125 × 220 mm

    Published by Ékrits / Overkast Inc.
    Designed by Kamimura & Co.