3. Branding, Consultancy, Environment, Interactive, Product, Research
  4. 2021-
Environmental graphic of PLAY EARTH PARK #SoundPlayground.

In 2021, GOLDWIN unveiled the concept of “PLAY EARTH”, embodying a new long-term vision and its associated concept. Established in 1951, GOLDWIN has made significant contributions to the improvement of the quality of life and consideration for the natural environment through the planning, production, import, and sales of high-quality sportswear. The new concept of PLAY EARTH focuses on establishing a new relationship between nature, environment, and people through the play that is the origin of sports. Various projects, actively collaborating with different fields such as culture, art, and architecture, will be developed under PLAY EARTH.

We worked closely with the brand's team to develop a strong and flexible brand identity that connects multiple projects and locations under a common concept. Our team has been involved in various design aspects, including print communications, websites, digital and physical signage, advertising, and stationery, as well as product-related designs. Detailed information about each project will be announced soon.